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The bamboo plant comes in more than 1000 different varieties. Mao is one of the main varieties used for bamboo floorboards. Mao is a popular variety and has minimal to no negative impact on the environment, during the growing and harvesting process. The Mao variety is also not consumed by Pandas.

Mao grows extremely quickly and only takes six months to reach maturity. Mao is a great variety to use for bamboo flooring due to its colour, strength and structure.

The Janka Hardness Test is used to determine the hardness of a wood variety. The test examines the force needed to embed a steel ball half way into the wood. Compressed/woven bamboo flooring is rated at 14.7 (kn) which is much higher to that of its competitors; Jarrah 8.5 (kn), Blackbutt 9.1 (kn) and Marri 7.6 (kn).  


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