— August 4, 2014

Hardness of Bamboo Flooring

Information on the hardness of bamboo flooring whilst comparing its hardness to competitors.

— August 2, 2014

Common problems with Bamboo flooring

Information about potential problems you may have with bamboo flooring.

— July 24, 2014

Bamboo Benchtops

A description of bamboo benchtops and its benefits.

— July 24, 2014

Benefits of bamboo flooring over other hardwoods

List of benefits of bamboo flooring and why it is a better option to other hardwood flooring.

— April 19, 2014

Go “Green” With Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Flooring

The wonderful grain pattern, beautiful look, ease of installation and long lasting nature of bamboo flooring enhance its practicality in both residential and commercial areas. Bamboo flooring offers…

— April 19, 2014


A high quality bamboo floor is generally superior to that of a hard wood floor. This is due of its hardness, long life, elegance, superior grain definition, high fibers strength, insect resistance and…

— April 19, 2014

Bamboo flooring vs. timber

More people are starting to realise how benefits of bamboo flooring. Bamboo is categorised as a grass because of its rapid growth. Bamboo can grow up 3 feet in a single day. This rapid growth makes it…